Actors that deserved Oscar nominations, but never got them

For years, we watched Leonardo DiCaprio get Oscar nomination after Oscar nomination, but never walk away with the prize. That was until 2016 when the actor finally got the award we’d all been after all these years. However, while we were distracted by one of Hollywood’s golden boys, we took our eyes off the other actors that deserved Oscar nominations but never got them. Now we’re here to give them the recognition they’ve earned.

Steve Buscemi

For an actor that has starred in some of the biggest Hollywood productions, how can he not have an Oscar to his name, let alone a nomination? Over the years, Steve’s face has popped up in the movies such as Reservoir Dogs, Monsters Inc., Big Fish, and Con Air, to name a few. His incredible acting has seen Steve walk away with two Screen Actors Guild Awards, but never an Oscar. Not yet, at least.

Actors that deserved Oscar nominations, but never got them

Scarlett Johansson

Believe it or not, but this actress is yet to hear her name called at the Oscars. Sure, she has starred in the likes of The Jungle Book, The Prestige, Lucy, and Lost in Translation, and was even one of the highest paid actresses in the world for two years, but apparently, even all of that isn’t good enough to get someone an Oscar nowadays. It’s often uttered that her time in Under the Skin will always be remembered as the role that should have won but never did.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan broke into the world of Hollywood thanks to his role in Trainspotting, and the world is still amazed that he never heard his name called for his time in the film. But it seems as though that’s where Ewan’s luck ran out. Although the actor has appeared in films such as Moulin Rouge!, I Love You Phillip Morris, and Beauty and the Beast, he is always cast as the second fiddle compared to the other stars of the movies. Maybe one day, Ewan?

John Goodman

This actor is like a pair of comfy slippers when it comes to a good movie; they just wouldn’t be classics without John Goodman making an appearance! Some of his best roles include times in The Artist, Monsters Inc., Barton Fink, and Trumbo, but it seems as though John will have to stick with his role as supporting actor if he ever stands a chance of getting that Oscar nomination.

Actors that deserved Oscar nominations, but never got them

Jim Carrey

Think of any great comedy in the world. Now think of the cast. Chances are, a lot of your choices have this great man as the lead. Jim Carrey has appeared in films such as The Mask, Ace Ventura, Batman Forever, and Dumb and Dumber over the years, but no role has ever seen the actor get the Oscar nomination he deserves. The biggest kick in the teeth is probably for his role in the sci-fi romance movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as the actor showed intimacy we had never seen before.

Emily Blunt

Emily is one of those actresses that has shown off how she can act in just about any genre of movies over the years. From My Summer of Love to Edge or Tomorrow, and The Young Victoria to Into the Woods – is there anything Emily can’t do? However, it was her role in The Devil Wears Prada that saw her fans most upset as the actress’ name was nowhere to be heard at the Oscars. Not even a whisper.

It seems that you really can be at the top of your career and still not get the recognition you deserve. That sounds about right. However, it worked for Lenny, and we’re pretty sure that the same positivity could one day see all these actors that deserved Oscar nomination but never got them walk away with their very own prize.