The best science podcasts you need to hear right now

Podcasts are the next best thing, right? They’re more than just a chat or radio show – they are a way we can learn all about the world. The best bit is we can take them wherever we like. If you’re looking to expand your mind, then you might want to check out the best science podcasts you need to hear right now.

Hidden Brain

This science podcast is about to take a trip into the brain like never before. The host of the show, Shankar Vedantam, has made it his mission to uncover why our minds act the way they do. What makes parents behave a certain way? Why can we lose ourselves to the internet so easily? How do we cope with unexpected situations? It’s time to answer all those questions and more with Hidden Brain.

Future Tense

Have you ever wondered about the up and coming breakthroughs in technology that are set to take the world by storm? If so, then you might want to check out Future Tense. Here, you’ll get to learn all about the tech that is changing our lives, such as giving us the chance to communicate with animals or making our lives simpler, with Antony Funnell by your side.

Science Friday

This science podcast is one of the more fun listens as Ira Flatow turns his show into a conversation with the viewer. We get to take a look at all the latest scientific discoveries that have been made throughout the week as well as get some pretty entertaining stories to go alongside the facts. It shouldn’t be long before you find yourself caught up on all the latest news thanks to this enthusiastic listen.

Science Vs

If you love listening to controversial topics then look no further, Science Vs could be the educational podcast that you’ve needed in your life this entire time. They cover issues such as obesity, hair loss, and renewable energy while discussing the science behind each point and what will and won’t work. The best bit? Episodes will help to open our minds as well as give us cold-hard facts to back up our opinions.

StarTalk Radio

Ah, Neil deGrasse Tyson is back with another way to blow our minds. This time, it’s with his podcast, StarTalk Radio. The astrophysicist discusses all things space, but that’s not all. Neil also covers topics that include how new technology is being used in sport, the science behind brand new narcotics, and if it would ever be possible to live on another planet. Of course, Neil’s knowledge is almost unbeatable.

Whether you want to become the next best scientist, have grand plans of expanding your mind even further, or you’re just looking for a way to pass the time while learning something new then it seems as though a science podcast could be the way forward. Thankfully, with so many to choose from, it looks as though there is something for everyone with an interest in almost every type of science.