Sci-fi movies that should have been classics

Not all sci-fi movies are classics, and not all of them should be. For every Alien, there’s also a Lost In Space, but there are also some movies that are criminally underrated. Flicks that should have become cult classics, but, for a multitude of reasons, they never make it. In fact, there are probably a couple of movies you can think of that you really love that fit into that category.

We want the films we love to be loved and enjoyed by others, but, we also want to be able to enjoy something that’s “just ours.” Nevertheless, there are a lot of movies, sci-fi in particular, that we feel are highly under appreciated. This is a list of some of the sci-fi films that we consider to be absolute gems, and they definitely should have become classics. Let’s hope interest in them can be rekindled somewhere down the line.

Outland (1981)

The most underrated movie of Sean Connery’s career, Outland is a desolate, gritty, grainy, sci-fi/western masterpiece. Peter Hyams had wanted to make a Western, but nobody was financing them by the ‘80s, so he instead decided to make High Noon in space. Connery plays a police marshal stationed on a mining colony on one of Jupiter’s moons, who uncovers a narcotics and homicide conspiracy and takes a stand against it. The movie is ultra-violent, and the striking visuals make it resemble Ridley Scott’s Alien. This is the best sci-fi movie you’ve never seen, and it should get more props than it does.

Sci-fi movies that should have been classics

Flash Gordon (1980)

Okay, yes, there are some out there who might consider this to be a cult classic, but not as many as there should be! Based on the comic book of the same name, Flash Gordon follows our eponymous hero, a football player who finds himself transported to the planet Mongo, and locked in a battle against the tyrannical Ming the Merciless. The movie is absolutely bonkers in every imaginable way. It has a suspect plot, some daft action, and over the top acting, and it’s just brilliant. You can also enjoy Brian Blessed, Max Von Sydow, and a pre-James Bond Timothy Dalton, all sharing screen time!

Virus (1999)

Controversial entry because, to be honest, Virus is pretty touch and go in a lot of places. It has numerous flaws, it flopped critically and commercially, and was savagely derided by its star Jamie Lee Curtis. Despite being a cliched movie, with a lot of silliness, it’s awfully good fun, and the special effects are unbelievably good. A ghost ship is haunted by an alien force that wants to turn everyone into some sort of cyborg. Like we said, it’s very silly, but, worth watching for the special effects alone.

Sci-fi movies that should have been classics

We selected three of our favorite underrated science-fiction flicks for you to check out. You might have gripes with some of them, you might have gripes with all of them, but they are a heap of fun. These are movies we feel should have a better reputation than they do, and so we’re going to shamelessly promote them whenever and wherever we can!