Why ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ is the best film out of the LoTR trilogy

The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy is an absolute masterpiece. And while The Two Towers and The Return Of The King are both equally impressive in their own rights, one film does, in fact, rule them all. The Fellowship Of The Ring is that film, and here’s why.

True to the original

The Two Towers and the Return of the King tend to stray a little from the original story depiction. The Fellowship stays true to the novel and portrays the world that Tolkien created in brilliant accurate detail. Watching the extended versions further cements this theory. This is probably due to the flow of the films. Unlike the second two films, the Fellowship is not rushed through in any scene.

Why ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ is the best film out of the LoTR trilogy

The Shire

In the Fellowship, we get to see The Shire in a perfect rendition of how Tolkein described it. Not only the overall look of it but the feel of it too. Bilbo’s 111th birthday party was a beautiful depiction of the simple and joyous hobbit lifestyle. Throughout the series, we are reminded that it is the hobbit’s love for the Shire that is the driving force behind their will to keep moving and not give up. Everything they are doing is to save the Shire and to have the chance to get back home.

The characters

The film director, Peter Jackson, did an outstanding job with character development. The film takes its time to divulge deeper into each character so we have a solid understanding of each one of them. Getting to know Merry and Pippin’s silly antics and Samwise’s responsible nature could not have been captured any better.

The Moria battle

This unrivaled scene captured an intensity that was never captured again throughout all the other battles in the trilogy. Not even the final battle in Return of the King could match the battle against orcs and goblins in Balin’s tomb, or Gandalf battling Durin’s Bane, the balrog beast of fire from the deep.

Why ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ is the best film out of the LoTR trilogy

The emotions

Parts of the Fellowship are simply heart-wrenching in a way that The Two Towers and The Return of the King could only hope for. Gandalf being taken down by Durin’s Bane left the audience speechless and in absolute disbelief of what had just happened, talk about a twist. Boromir’s sacrifice and eventual passing were beautiful and tear-jerking at the same time. It redeemed him from succumbing to the temptations of the ring and proved to us that his heart really was in the right place. Sam trudging out into the river and almost drowning was a touching reminder of their friendship and how he and Frodo are bound together on their journey.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy brought something to the genre of epic, fantasy, action films that the industry had never seen before and had been lacking. In the past, other movies of the same genre have fallen far short of the professional touches needed to make these films believable. We attribute this to low budgets and lack of experience, two things that the Lord of the Rings makers had plenty of. Love them or hate them, the figures don’t lie. The Trilogy grossed over $1billion in theater sales. To date, the films are unrivaled in just about every way, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.