Biggest plot holes in Dark Phoenix

There’s nothing worse than noticing a plothole within a movie. Although we all know that these movies are fantasy-based, we still seem to require clarification and believability to a degree, or it ruins the whole illusion that is being created. Safe to say that, following the dismal popularity of X-Men: Apocalypse, people were looking forward to seeing Sophie Turner’s Dark Phoenix movie work. For the most part, it received a reasonable review. However, some significant plot holes affect the popularity of the movie.

Biggest plot holes in Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix force is all wrong

Considering that Jean Grey was already the Phoenix, with the ‘Phoenix Force’ inside of her before the movie came out, it all seems to have become a little bit confused. Did the solar flare give her the phoenix force or was that part of Jean Grey’s identity anyway? Considering the comic books and previous movies suggest that Jean’s power was already that of the Phoenix, it seems moviemakers got their lore a little mixed up.

Origins of Dark Phoenix

It’s not a tough question to answer, you only need to go back to the comic books and take a look at the Dark Phoenix Saga. She was already known as the Phoenix, but to become ‘Dark Phoenix’ she was brainwashed by a sadistic villain and turned against her friends. The solar flare part comes in later when, in a fit of vengeful rage, Jean seeks out more power; leaving a destructive path in her wake.

Vuk’s powers aren’t consistent

While we know that Vuk comes from a race we have not yet been introduced to, people found it a tad ridiculous that their powers and limitations were neither explained nor consistent. Somehow Vuk can see through Jean’s illusions, after locating her without any explanation as to how she is able to do so. Do they track her using technology, or power? The moviemakers seem to rely on people not asking the questions, and just accepting events without thought.

Biggest plot holes in Dark Phoenix

Vuk hosting the ‘Dark Phoenix’ was outrageous

Considering the whole origins of the ‘Phoenix’ power seems to be disputed within this film without even a word, the idea that Vuk can host it renders Jean totally plain and non-remarkable. Of course, right in the beginning, when the solar flare sought jean out, it was suggesting a totally opposing message. The Phoenix Force supposedly sought Jean out for her uniqueness. In which case, it makes no sense why, if it happily just transferred itself to her, why it didn’t merely bond with her in the first place? People have claimed the writing is sloppy at best.

Where does that leave ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past?’

Safe to say, moviemakers have done an awful lot of playing around with timelines. Anyone who has seen ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ understands. They seem to reset the timeline, and yet the movie ‘Dark Phoenix’ suggests that there’s almost no way this world and their world can line up. In which case, people ask the question, what’s the point?

Unfortunately, it seems as if fans are going to have to just suck it up when it comes to X-Men and plot holes. This is because of contract changes happening in the real world, which means that ‘Dark Phoenix’ is actually supposed to be concluding the series at this point in time. So, if you don’t like the end or have a whole load of questions, it may be time to turn to fanfiction.