How to keep those pesky headphone wires from getting tangled

The struggle is real when it comes to keeping our headphone wires untangled. Even just putting them in your pocket for a split second can see you spending the next five minutes untangling them. We’re pretty sure it’s the universe messing with us and testing our patience to the limit. Wouldn’t life be so much better if there were a way to keep those pesky headphone wires from getting tangled? We have found not one, not two, but three solutions to pretty much end the entire world’s problem!

Figure eight

Are you familiar with the rock horns people do with their fingers while at a concert? If not, keep your index and pinky finger pointed out while you bring your ring and middle finger to the palm of your hand. To stop your headphones from tangling, pinch the buds under your middle fingers and then wrap the wire around your pinky and index finger in a figure eight, going over and under on each pass. With about six inches of wire remaining wrap the rest of the wire around the middle part of your figure eight a few times. After this tuck the last bit of wire through the wrapped middle section and you’ll find your headphone wires will never tangle again.

Do the twist

Does the figure eight method seem a little complicated? We have another way that works just as well. Start by extending the headphones out flat then fold them in half. After this, you’ll need to twist the wire clockwise fifteen times. Once twisted 15 times, you’ll need to fold them in half again, use your mouth to grab the middle point of the wires as both of your hands will be occupied by the twisted headphones. Now twist them counterclockwise two times, and you’ll find they no longer want to curl up into a ball, or tangle together like uncontrollable vines.

Pick a card, any card

Does twisting your headphones a bunch of times seem like too much hassle? We’ve left the most simple method until last. All you’ll need to make this trick work is a credit card, driver’s license, library card, or whatever card you have in your purse or wallet. Simply take your card of choice, take the earbud end of the headphone wires first and start wrapping them around the card. Keep going until there isn’t much of the wires left and poke the jack through the wires you’ve wrapped around the card a bunch of times. Now you won’t have to worry about your headphone wires getting tangled ever again, all you’ll have to try and remember is what you’ve done with the card you wrapped them around.

Are you sick of having to spend five minutes unwrapping your headphones from themselves, just to listen to a three minute YouTube clip? These simple hacks will ensure that no matter what you need your headphones for, you can grab them and start using them in an instant. Say goodbye to the pain in the neck puzzle you never asked to do, that is untangling your headphones.