What can we learn from Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was considered to be one of the greatest minds of all time. While many of the scientific theories he discussed may have gone over our heads, there are still some vital lessons we can all learn from this genius’ time on Earth. These are some of the things we can learn from the late theoretical physicist.

Humans need to get out of here

As he drew toward the end of his life, Stephen Hawking became more and more passionate about the human race’s need to leave the planet. He felt as though we had basically drained our planet of natural resources and we should seek somewhere else to get our vital materials. With climate change an ever-increasing worry for scientists, Hawking believed humans only had around 600 years left on this planet before it becomes inhospitable. Maybe Hawking’s message was that we don’t need to leave the planet but change our behaviors before it’s too late.

He was concerned about AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in today’s society as it grows smarter and smarter each day. Some fear that there might come a time when AI outgrows the need for human input and signals the end of the world. Hawking feared that if AI creators are not careful, artificial intelligence could become the worst event in the history of civilization. He pleaded for AI researchers to be cautious, indicating he thought it might end up being the worst thing we’ve ever created. While he never came out and said AI was dangerous, or evil, he did think in the future we should be very wary of its risks.

Don’t give up

Hawking was diagnosed with motor neuron disease not long after his 21st birthday. His life expectancy was short, and he was told he would only have two years to live. Before suffering from the condition, he seemed to live a normal life but was confined to his wheelchair not long after his diagnoses. Despite being given some of the scariest news anybody could ever expect to receive, Hawking never gave up on life. He had to accept a very difficult situation but didn’t let it get him down, and always seemed to remain positive when speaking in public.

Share your knowledge

Although he was considered to be one of the smartest people on the planet, Hawking was never shy in sharing his knowledge. Despite researching and writing about incredibly complex issues, Hawking tried to communicate them in such a way that everybody could understand them. Hawking chose to put his wisdom to good use, advising many scientists across the world, rather than holding onto his knowledge for himself. Sure he could later come out and say, “I knew it wouldn’t work,” but what’s productive about that?

There was a lot we could learn from one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known. Not just academically, but also in the way we choose to live our lives. Stephen Hawking showed us that we can all beat the odds if we keep on going.