Surprising startup nations outside of Silicon Valley

If you’re looking to make it big in the world of business and technology, there’s a high chance that you want to make a difference in the world and make dollar dollar bills. After all, who doesn’t? Although major corporations are still ruling the roost and taking over the world day by day, startup companies are now trying to worm their way in and stop this world domination. Yes, smaller businesses are making their names known in these realms, and are largely coming from the famous Silicon Valley in Los Angeles. However, it seems as though Silicon Valley isn’t the only big player in the game of startups, because these other nations are giving it a run for its money…


You just have to Google a picture of Japan to know that they are already living in the future. From bright lights in the big city to factories that churn out thousands of products each day, these guys know how to work it. However, what makes business in Japan so exciting is that they are on the cusp of big changes. In recent years they have made the move to stop bigger companies from getting any bigger, and are now focused on smaller companies changing the world. Tiny startups are producing revolutionary robot technology, and networking is just a way of life that makes the cogs of Japan go round.


When you think of Switzerland you probably think of Swiss cheese and watches, but it is so much more than that. Over the years, the people of Switzerland have made it their mission to change their way of life and provide something exciting for the world. They are now doing this by becoming leading figures in the world of finance and banking. Although the Swiss still deal with physical money and local banks, more and more startups are entering into the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain – a new trend in the banking world.

United Kingdom

Although Brexit has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works in terms of business in and out of the United Kingdom, they are putting on a united front and making sure they are still at the top of the start-up food chain. The ability to obtain business investments in the UK is easier than many other countries around the world, which means that startups can get help from the government to make their mark on the world. As if that wasn’t enough, the talent in the UK is ready to work for what they want. With freelancers and creative minds galore, millions of people are ready to work for smaller companies, rather than startups.

United States of America

We know what you’re thinking, Silicon Valley is in the US! While that is true, Silicon Valley isn’t the only area of the US that is thriving with startups. Many experts believe that startups are becoming increasingly popular because American people like to fight back against large corporations that are taking over the business world. So, they are more inclined to make a smaller mark on those around them, but one that is much more poignant and more personal.


It might surprise you to learn that Germany actually has the largest economy in Europe, which means it’s kind of a big deal. With a huge scope of young people living in this country, more and more people are turning to startups where they can make revolutionary changes and show off their creative talent. The German government also do everything they can to promote business ventures in their country, so offer priceless grants and startup loans to businesses who want to make their mark. Today, it is easier than ever to succeed as a startup in Germany.

Looking to create a startup and take the world by storm? Well, now you know where to go!