How to know if a geek is your perfect soulmate

What does it mean to be a geek or a nerd? Literally, it means someone with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an often overwhelming curiosity. Once upon a time, geeks were the center of every high school joke, but now more and more people are falling head over heels to be a part of this club. A common stereotype associated with geeks is that they are shy and socially awkward. However, that was not always true, and many people find that a geek is actually their perfect soulmate. So, how do you know if a geek is your perfect soulmate?

1. You are a geek yourself

Well, the most obvious way to know is if you are a geek yourself. Geeks are often attracted to one another due to their similar obsessions and passions. You have so much in common that you will very likely end up being soulmates.

How to know if a geek is your perfect soulmate

2. You like to learn

Geeks are known for their vast reservoirs of information. If you are someone that loves to learn new things, a geek might be the perfect person to spend time with. You can learn about a lot of things just by being near them. They actively delve into different topics and can sometimes drag you along with them.

3. You like someone who is open minded

Geeks are known to read a lot. This changes their mental structure to accept new and unconventional ideas. If you want your significant other to be more tangible in their thoughts and be accepting of things that don’t always align with the norms of the society, then look no further.

4. You need someone who motivates you

Geeks are usually an extremely active and determined group. Once they put their mind to something, they won’t stop until they accomplish it. If you are a procrastinator or someone that lacks motivation, then a geek might be the perfect person to help you out.

5. You like fun and lively conversations

Geeks can talk passionately about several topics at a time, and can pull random facts into a conversation to make it exponentially more interesting. If you are someone that enjoys interesting and informative conversations, then a geek is the best person to converse with.

6. You like someone who is loving

Geeks are extremely devoted to everything they do, and that passion extends to those that they love. They are fiercely loyal to anyone they love or care for.

How to know if a geek is your perfect soulmate

7. You love music

Geeks often have an eclectic taste in music. Because they are constantly searching for new things, they appreciate a vast array of music. At times, they may be listening to pop music and at other times you might find them listening to the classics. A car ride with a geek may never get boring.

8. You like sci-fi movies

Geeks love to see things they haven’t seen before. They love to visualize things that are alien to their reality, and they love to have their mind tricked. So, many geeks deeply enjoy mentally challenging movies like Inception and Interstellar, or epic fantasies such as The Lord Of The Rings or Star Trek.