Geeky hobbies to help you unwind after a long day

The end of a long day can see many of us want to relax and unwind. Did you know there are so many hobbies that can pass your time and help you to switch off after a day at the office? That’s right; if you’re looking for a fun new task, then here are some geeky hobbies to help you unwind after a long day.

Ham radio

It might seem as though the world has moved on from ham radio, but there are still so many people out there who can’t wait to start conversing with people around the world. You’ll need a simple license to get you started. From there, it’s all about understanding frequencies and how these radios work.

Geeky hobbies to help you unwind after a long day

Model rockets

There are so many ways to start enjoying model rockets. Some prefer to make their designs from scratch while others enjoy using a pre-made kit to help them learn the ropes. There can be a lot of detail that goes into making each rocket before you get the fun of standing back and watching it launch into the sky.

Lock picking

If you love puzzles, then this could be the next hobby for you. Lock picking is all about learning how the inside of the locks work before figuring out how you need to by-pass the locking mechanisms. Don’t worry; it’s not as shady as many people believe.


Whittling is not only simple to learn, but it can also be incredibly calming for the soul as you spend hours pouring your creativity into this new project. You don’t need much room to get started, yet those small projects can soon grow to become something incredible.


Sure, it can be easy to think that we have outgrown Lego, but have you thought about why you loved in the first place? There can be something so calming about finding all the blocks you need and putting them together to make something large and impressive. If you don’t like your creation, merely take it apart and start again!


Some of us love to fill our homes with the scent of a fresh new candle. If you want to continue to add to every room without breaking the bank, then why not think about making your own? You don’t need much to get started, and you can make scents that suit your individual preferences.

Geeky hobbies to help you unwind after a long day


Many of us love to use our minds and our hands, if that’s the case, then it could be time to invest in some origami paper. The best bit? There are so many learning materials to suit everyone’s preferred way of learning. You could have just found the perfect way to make unusual gifts for your friends, too.

Knot tying

There is so much to learning how to tie knots that it might not be long before you find yourself immersed in the world of it all. It’s an incredible skill to have, and one that can put logic and talent to the test with every new knot. Plus, you can soon test your memory to see how well you can tie them without instructions.

Thankfully, you don’t need to invest in a warehouse to enjoy your next hobby as most don’t take up much room, but they can soon become a huge part of your life. Whether you want something creative or a logic puzzle, it seems as though there’s a geeky hobby out there for everyone to help you unwind after a long day.