What comic book superhero deserves to be brought to the big screen next?

If you’re just as obsessed with superhero movies as we are, there’s a high chance that you’re probably counting down the days until the next Marvel movie comes out into theaters. After all, they offer everything you could possibly want from a movie. They’re funny, they’re action-packed, and they’re filled with epic storylines that will keep you entertained for years. Quite literally. If your fascination with Marvel movies has sent you in the direction of the comic books, you’ll know that these stories only get even more intricate and detailed. In fact, there are even some epic new characters that have yet to be given their debut on the silver screen!


If you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled, you’ll know that the Nova Corps have already made their Marvel debut in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the coolest and strongest Nova of them all, Richard Ryder has yet to be given his chance to shine. As one of the former members of The Avengers and the owner of some of the weirdest and wonderful superpowers, it’s fair to say that Marvel fans have been crying out for Nova to take his place in the leading role. Alas, it has yet to happen.

What comic book superhero deserves to be brought to the big screen next?


Okay, so The Hulk movies haven’t been that great. We’ll admit that. Yet, Marvel changed the game when Mark Ruffalo took on the role, and the character of the Hulk has since become a vital figure within The Avengers storyline. Despite this, they have still yet to debut Banner’s cousin into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans are getting impatient. While she may also be green, the She-Hulk storyline is very different to Banner’s, for the main reason that she is actually in control of her Hulk body.


If you’re fond of popular culture (and Disney movies), you’ll probably already know the story of Hercules – but did you know that he is also a Marvel comic book character? In fact, he made his first appearance in Annual #1 in 1965, and appeared in the “Journey Into Mystery” story. He has since proved hugely popular with fans across the world thanks to his strength and his family background. Considering he is closely related to the gods, were a little surprised as to why this guy hasn’t made an appearance in any of the Thor movies, but it’s about time he did.


While female superheroes are not uncommon in the Marvel Universe, they rarely get their own movies. In this case, we would love Dazzler to be one of the first women to take center stage. With her pink hair and her incredible powers that can turn sound into energy blasts, this superhero has dazzled us all over the years. Yet, we’re still waiting for the day that one of the coolest actresses in Hollywood gets to take on the role. Can it be soon?

What comic book superhero deserves to be brought to the big screen next?


X-23 is one of the strangest superheroes in the X-Men Universe, because he was actually created by the government during a top secret mission. The aim was to clone the strength and the abilities of Wolverine into a new superhero, and we guess she did come out fairly similar. Although she made her debut as a trained killer, X-23 eventually found her way into the arms of Professor Xavier, and turned to the good side. In fact, this is a story we would love to see play out on the silver screen.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one that continued to amaze and shock us with each new addition to their movie resume. While we count down the days until the next addition, we’d love to see new characters make their way into the stories. In fact, we think these guys need their moment to shine.