Best smartwatches in the market today

So you wanna tell the time, huh? Sure, we get it’s pretty neat to know when you can leave work, when you can eat your dinner, and when it’s acceptable to go to bed, but have you ever wanted more from your watch? We’re so bored of seeing the same clock face on every single watch in the universe. We need diversity, we need fun, and we need excitement on our wrists – which is why smartwatches are the perfect alternative. They give you all of the practicality of a normal watch, but add a little somethin’ somethin’ extra into the mix. Don’t know where to start? These are the best smartwatches on the market today…

Apple Watch Series 3

Unless you’ve been living in a tech-free universe for the past few years, you’ll know that Apple is kind of a big deal. You know, they basically run the world of technology. Of course, there are millions of Apple iPhones around the world, but this company are now doing everything they can to make everyday items as useful as they can be. This is where the Apple Watch Series 3 comes into play. This smartwatch allows you to connect to all of your other Apple products; you can receive text messages, you can use GPS on this watch, and you can even track all of your fitness exploits. While it may be a bit pricey, the battery life and the quality of this watch is absolutely incredible.

Best smartwatches in the market today

S928 Sports Watch

Smartwatches can be pretty expensive, which means that many people struggle to add one to their collection. Yet, there are many watches out there that are more affordable than others – which is where the S928 Sports Watch comes into play. While this watch may look much simpler than some of the others on the market, the features on this watch make up for its simplicity. This cool watch comes with a heart rate monitor, a GPS system, as well as the ability to track and store outside data on the weather and conditions. As if that wasn’t cool enough, this watch is controlled by a simple app that can be downloaded onto Android or iOS phones.

Samsung Gear S3

You always know that you’re going to get a good deal with Samsung products, and the Samsung Gear S3 is no different. The overall look of this watch is beautiful, and you’ll feel proud to be wearing this one on your wrist – but it seems as though there is so much more to this watch than meets the eye. The display is clear and bright, plus it is loaded with trackers and sensors to help you go about your daily life and your workouts. What more could you want?

Huawei Watch 2

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that isn’t too heavy or chunky, you’ll love the Huawei Watch 2. This slimline watch is absolutely incredible to look at, and is sleek and classic. While it may look like a traditional watch from the outside, the features on this watch will be everything you want and more. As well as fitness tracking apps and sensors, this watch has a cool real-time workout guidance feature which can help those who struggle to get out of bed and into the fresh air. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, this watch also has an impressive battery life!

Best smartwatches in the market today

ASUS ZenWatch 3

Asus is the kind of company that struggled to get out of the starting gate, but they are now making their name known in the world of technology – and we can’t deny that this watch is beautiful. This watch is resistant to scratches and scuffs, and will last you the whole day on its impressive battery life! The fitness tracking apps and features are fairly basic but will do the job if you’re not fussed about all of the bells and whistles.

Are you looking for the perfect smartwatch? Well, look no further!