Best sidekicks in superhero history

We always talk about the leading superhero, and for a good reason. They’ve often gone through some of the hardest situations, made the tightest decisions and made the most radical changes. However, it’s very rare that a hero’s sidekick gets the recognition they deserve. Sidekicks by no means have given up less, or suffered through fewer changes; they might be less powerful in some way or still be learning the ropes in how to be a superhero. It’s no easy decision and, just through watching some of the incarnations of Batman’s famous sidekick, Robin, is this highlighted. However, we’ll go into more detail about that later. So, with so many fantastic superheroes and creative stories, who are the best sidekicks in superhero history?


There are many incarnations of Robin, and we’re talking about the character himself, not just the persona the wearer adopts when donning the suit. However, no matter what, Dick Grayson – the official Robin – is always there to serve justice. He started out as a sidekick but then developed into a hero in his own right. While Batman is only human, he is often considered a superhero.

Batman and Robin

Wonder Girl

Often all eyes are on Wonder Woman, but this time it’s Wonder Girl. She is also a Demigoddess and daughter of Zeus. She wears similar colors to show her affiliation with wonder woman and is often a member of Teen Titans. She has superhuman strength, flight, and superhuman agility. If you love Wonder Woman, then no doubt you’ll also get on well with wonder girl.


Captain America’s old friend and sidekick. Of course, the movies portray Bucky as a brainwashed antagonist until he comes to his senses. But for the most part, Bucky has been there for the captain at every twist and turn, even overcoming brainwashing and returning to the captain’s side. Bucky is also a powerful character in his own right and is dubbed ‘The Winter Soldier.’


Otherwise also known as Batgirl. It seems that Batman isn’t quite the loner he thinks he is as he has many people willing to fight at his side. Batwoman is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and has watched the impact of justice on Gotham her entire life. She has a close call with the Joker and discovers a more personalized alias, calling herself Oracle, and distancing her identity from Batman’s. Otherwise, she remains a true friend to justice.


Warmachine is Tony Stark’s good friend and sidekick. While he may not have quite the same level of power and intelligence as Iron Man, he does have the strength and determination to fight on the side of justice. He has a heavily armored suit with some of the best weapons you’ll ever find attached to a hero.



The sister of T’Challa, the current Black Panther, who is essentially the backbone of Wakanda. Shuri is a mastermind and finds all the latest tech to support her brother in his endeavors. While there’s no doubt that Black Panther has had to endure a lot for his title, his sister can be credited much of his success.

Often sidekicks are overlooked for their more powerful counterparts, but there’s no denying that they are just as capable in their own rights.