10 celebs who went back to college after getting famous

A lot of people think that becoming famous means never setting foot in a classroom again. After all, what more do we need in this life than a high paying career — something most famous celebs already possess.

For many celebs, however, fame isn’t everything. What they value more is getting an education, which is why they put their fame on hold and went back to complete their college education. It may sound crazy, but here are ten celebrities who did just that.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard University in 2003 with a degree in Psychology. This was several years after her starring role in Star Wars Episode II.

2. James Franco

James Franco loves college. After he dropped out of UCLA a year after he started, he didn’t just go back to finish his studies. Instead, he spent a lot of time learning in several institutions before attaining his English degree from UCLA. Franco attended film-making school at NYU, spent some time at Brooklyn College to study writing, and earned his Ph.D. in English at Yale.

3. Lloyd

The R&B singer Lloyd went back to college after his hiatus from the music world. According to his Instagram feed earlier this year, he seems to have received his GED in Atlanta, GA.

10 celebs who went back to college after getting famous

4. Tyra Banks

We all know that Tyra Banks gained tremendous success as a supermodel and a mogul. However, rumors suggests that Tyra Banks enrolled in the Owner/President Management extension program at Harvard and completed it in 2012.

5. Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen and her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen are renowned for taking the world by storm in the 1990s and early 2000s. Based on her overwhelming success, no one would think Ashley would ever head off to college. However, she enrolled in Gallatin School of Individualized Study at the New York University in 2003.

6. Mary-Kate Olsen

Just like her twin sister Ashley, Mary-Kate Olsen went back to college after becoming famous. She enrolled in NYU in 2003 but soon after took a study leave to attend to the twins’ company, DualStar.

7. Steven Spielberg

The renowned director Steven Spielberg graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Cal State Long Beach in 2002. This was about 34 years after he originally dropped out.

8. Emma Watson

Emma Watson chose to pursue an education towards the end her time starring in the Harry Potter films franchise. She studied at Brown University for five years and also spent time at the University of Oxford. She later returned to the Ivy League school to complete her B.A. in English literature.

10 celebs who went back to college after getting famous

9. L.A. Reid

L.A. Reid is one music mogul who has become more successful in the music industry than most of us even realize. Nevertheless, his impressive record in the music industry didn’t stop him from joining Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program.

10. Ariel Winter

After gaining fame on the Emmy-winning comedy Modern Family, Ariel Winter was admitted into the University of California, LA in 2016. She was later forced to defer for a year after scheduling conflicts, and is expected to start her freshman year this fall. She studies political science and dreams to become a lawyer in the future.

There are many celebrities who went back to study after becoming famous. The list is so long, and inspires us to put time and effort whenever possible to work for our education. Fame didn’t stop these celebrities from enrolling in the world of higher education. So what would stop you from pursuing your dreams?