4 classic game series by Sierra that you should know

Sierra is one of the leading names in the world of video games, and there are so many iconic titles in their back catalog. There is no doubt you will have played at least a couple of the games Sierra has created over the years, and some of their titles take us back to our childhoods! The beauty of gaming is that element of escapism that it offers to players, and this is one of the best things about gaming.

And it is also great to sample games that have been produced by some of the biggest names in the industry. Sierra offer wonderful adventure, action, and puzzle games that have proven wildly popular across the years, and really help to take players on an unforgettable journey. Here are 4 of the best game series Sierra has produced that you absolutely have to know about today.

King’s Quest

Who remembers this absolute stunner?! We can recall sitting 3 wide across the keyboard with friends taking it in turns to play this Sierra juggernaut that debuted in the early ‘80s. In many ways, King’s Quest paved the way for so many of the point and click adventure games that would come after. King’s Quest I (1984) was the first adventure game to integrate graphical animation into the player’s game world interaction. There have been 10 offerings in the series to date, including the 2015 reimagining.

King’s Quest

Space Quest

In the mid-1980s, any kid wanting to get his or her share of outer space gameplay, cool storylines, and some excellent comedy too, would only need to turn to the Space Quest series. Running from 1986 to 1995, the game series sold modestly and developed a cult following which has spawned some fan-made games. It is unclear whether the series is going to see a reboot or reimagining any time soon, but we certainly hope so.

Police Quest

The Police Quest series was certainly leading the way when it came to gritty, realistic adventure gaming in the mid-‘80s. The “official” series consisted of a successful trilogy; Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel, Police Quest II: The Vengeance, and Police Quest III: The Kindred. But, there were also expanded games as well, such as the Police Quest: SWAT series. Some of the SWAT titles have found continued success on PC and mobile platforms, but it’s unclear if we’ll ever see Police Quest again.

Quest for Glory

Long before the likes of World of Warcraft transformed the world of MMORPGs, we had role-playing adventure games like the Quest for Glory series. This was one of the first game series’ to include multiple genres, combining humor with adventure, fantasy, role-playing, and puzzle games. There were 5 offerings in the series, with the last being released back in 1998, and with fantasy fiction becoming big business once again, we live in hope of a reboot, or a new addition to the series.

Quest for Glory

How iconic are these?! We loved wasting our lives (our parents’ words) playing these bad boys when we were younger, and we hope you did too! There are so many excellent games out there that you can get involved with, and if you’ve never experienced some of Sierra’s finest offerings, we urge you to find a way of checking them out today. We’re off to the attic to dust off that box marked ‘PC Games.’