Which house are you on Game of Thrones?

HBO’s series Game Of Thrones finally wrapped up after 8 seasons. It leaves a huge fandom in its wake, and fans know all about the houses in Westeros and have their favorites identified.

There are several houses in Westeros, ranging from great ones to those that are vassals to the great, and far much lesser ones without much power or authority. Some of the largest houses include the Starks, the Lannisters, the Greyjoys, the Baratheons, the Tullys, the Boltons, the Targaryens, the Martells and the Tyrells. These are the Great Houses of the Westeros, some of which fell and became extinct following conquests.

Game of Thrones

Over the span of the 8 seasons, you already know which house you root for, the one you would want to belong to. Each of these houses has different systems and styles of authority that either endears them to viewers or gains dislike. The kind of ideals you stand for and the principles you believe in will determine which house you belong in.

Here are some lead questions that may help you identify which house you are on Game Of Thrones

• What animal would you use to represent your house/family?
• What color would you have on your house flag?
• What title would you like your house to be addressed by?
• Where would you want to rule?
• What would be your house motto?
• What character on the show do you relate most with?
• Which house do you hate the most?
• Who would you choose as your allies in battle?
• Which character would you kill (all over again?)

Here are some facts about the main houses that you can compare your answers against

House Stark has the direwolf as the family animal, the Lannisters have a lion as their sigil, the Baratheons have a black stag, the Greyjoys a golden kraken and the Targaryens the dragon.

The Baratheons have the color gold on their sigil while the Starks have white and green. The Lannisters go with crimson, the Martells gold and orange while the Greyjoys and Boltons have black. The Boltons’ sigil is a red flayed man hanging upside-down on a X-shaped cross. The Tyrells’ house flag has a golden rose on a green background.

The mottos for various houses are

House Stark: Winter Is Coming
House Lannister: Hear Me Roar
The Martells: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
House Baratheon: Ours Is The Fury
House Targaryen: Fire & Blood
The Greyjoys: We Do Not Sow
The Tyrells: Growing Strong
Boltons: Our Blades Are Sharp

The Starks and Boltons are found to the North, with the Starks at Winterfell and Boltons at the Dreadfort. The Lannisters are from the Westerlands, the Baratheons the Stormlamds, the Greyjoys the Iron Islands and the Targaryens from the Crownlands. House Bolton and House Targaryen are some of the great houses that went extinct.

Game of Thrones

The Targaryens went by titles such as Protectors of the Seven Kingdoms and Lords of Dragstone, the Lannisters as Lords of Casterly Rock and the Starks as Kings of the North and Lords of Winterfell.

Each of these houses played a role in the race for the iron throne and along the way alliances were formed, enemies crushed and betrayals occurred. Which House would you have ran into battle for?