Fictional languages you can actually learn

Did you know that it is someone’s job to come up with the fictional languages in movies and TV shows? Yep, those sci-fi and fantasy characters aren’t just talking gibberish – they are real languages. And, if they’re real languages, it means that you can actually learn them. Ever wanted to learn another language but can’t be bothered with French or Spanish? Try learning one of these fictional languages instead.


If you’re a huge fan of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, then you’ll be glad to know that you can actually learn Elvish. In fact, this author allegedly began creating the Elvish language long before he started work on The Lord of The Rings or Hobbit books. There are two different types of Elvish you can learn, Quenya (or high Elvish) and Sindarin. Both have been roughly based around Welsh and Finnish, which are two languages that Tolkien studied himself. To top it all off, there are several different dialects and forms of Elvish script to learn too.

Fictional languages you can actually learn


Winter is coming! And so is learning a new language. When George R.R. Martin wrote the Game of Thrones books, he used very few words of the Dothraki language. However, when HBO produced the TV series they wanted their nomadic horse warriors to speak more, so enlisted the help of the Language Creation Society. David Peterson was the lucky guy who got to create a whole new language for the Dothraki, which reflects their love for horses. Mega-fans of the Game of Thrones series are now brushing up on their Dothraki so they can feel like Jason Momoa.


This is one of the most famous fictional languages in the world, especially if you’re a Star Trek fan! It was created by Marc Okrand, a linguist who was brought in to create the language of the Klingon race. He has then gone on to publish plenty of books on the language and runs an organization called the Klingon Language Institute. Huge fans of the series have taken up learning Klingon and translating some of their favorite songs, books, and plays into the language. There’s even a Klingon version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

Fictional languages you can actually learn


James Cameron was adamant that the Na’vi alien race, from his smash-hit Avatar, were going to have their own language. So, he roped in the help of Paul Frommer who came up with an entire set of vocabulary and grammar rules for the Na’vi race. However, he wasn’t alone. Fans were happy to help, and the Avatar dictionary has grown with the help of those who love the movie. With many more movies set to be released over the next few years, we’ll perhaps get to hear more of the Na’vi language.

The next time someone tells you that learning a new language would look great on your resume, consider adding one of these fictional languages to your repertoire instead. You never know when the Elves, Dothraki, Klingons or Na’vi might take over, after all. yIDo’ – that’s good luck in Klingon, by the way!