Which is the best Game of Thrones season?

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series of all time. People have loved it from the very first episode and they continue to follow the story through every season to date. There have been seven seasons released, and with only one season remaining, it would be good to look back and determine which seasons were the best and which ones were not.

With Game of Thrones being one of the best television creations of all time, there is no season that was below average. However, even among the best there has to be the best of them all. What is this season for Game of Thrones? Warning: this article is full of spoilers!

Season 1

This was when we met most of the characters in this awesome series. It was put together very well and gave us a glimpse of how good the series would be. The truth is that with a horrible first season, this series would not have been the big hit it is today.

In this season, the Starks are introduced, and they come to Westeros when Ned is asked to serve as the king’s hand. Soon after, the bitter feud between the Starks and Lannisters starts, and intensifies to the extent of Ned’s fate. In Essos, Viserys does everything he can to get the Westeros Throne. This is the perfect setting to get started!


Season 3

The Red Wedding is one of the most iconic events of Game of Thrones, and it is in this third season that it takes place. Also going down in this season is growing friendship between Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, as well as the sparks beyond the wall between Ygritte and Jon Snow. In this season, the characters are conflicted, and this gives more insight into who they are and adds depth to what this series is all about.


Season 5

In this season, Jon Snow experiences betrayal while Tommen and Margaery are married. The two will not be happy for long though; Cersei will just not let them be. As fate would have it, Cersei’s plans backfire and she is forced to take the walk of shame. In this season, many of the characters suffer and are forced to make tough choices that shape who they are.

Season 6

In this season, Jon comes back to life thanks to Melisandre, while Dany and Yara make an unexpected alliance. More details emerge about Jon and Bran’s training with the Three-Eyed Raven, which gives insight into who the White Walkers are. It even looks into how Hodor became who he is. This season fills in many of the missing gaps.

Season 7

In this season, characters reunite and come together and as it is totally off the book, the makers did a great job at it. Reveals are made that make the series relatable and entertaining. It is action-packed with dragons and white walkers at the centerstage.

Each season has its pros and cons, but according to us, the best of them all is season four. This is, of course, a matter of opinion that is open to discussion depending on who you ask. Season four was fun to watch and the plot points that unfolded were pivotal to the entire story of the series. Remember, there is only one season remaining. Will it be better than all that came before it? We will find out in 2019!