Who would win in a fight between Marvel’s superheroes?

If we’re being totally honest, we have absolutely no idea what we would do in a world without Marvel. How would we survive? How would we get our superhero fix? How would we pretend to be a member of The Avengers? This comic book and movie franchise makes us laugh, makes us gasp, and even makes us cry (but only sometimes), and has become a huge part of our lives thanks to Stan Lee and the head honchos of Hollywood. With hundreds of superheroes to their name, the Marvel Universe is teeming with strong characters who would beat us all in a fight. Yet, have you ever wondered how they would fare against each other?


Although we’ve learned very little about Nova in the Marvel movies, we have been introduced to the Nova Corps in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. You know, the ones who have those really cool spaceships! Yet, if you’re a fan of the comic books, you’ll also know that Richard Rider (AKA Nova) is one of the strongest superheroes in the universe – which means that he would be one of the strongest contenders in a Marvel free-for-all. With a whole heap of Nova energy behind him, Richard Rider is basically a giant power source that can be used to fight off anyone who comes close. Thankfully, we won’t be getting close to him any time soon…

Who would win in a fight between Marvel’s superheroes?


Yep, Hercules has to be on this list. Considering he’s a literal demigod, it should come as no surprise to learn that Hercules is pretty darn strong. In fact, he is the god of raw strength! Although he has not been given his own space to win over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hercules has smashed the competition during his comic book career. He has won battles with countless villains, and has built up a reputation for himself. Because of this, we reckon he would have a good chance in the ring.


If you’re a fan of DC (boooo!) you’ll know that Superman is kind of a big deal. In the world of Marvel, Sentry is the equivalent of DC’s Superman – and he’s even a little bit dark and mysterious. Although his yellow and blue suit may look friendly, this guy is ruthless. With the ability to lift over 100 tons in weight, fly across the universe, and basically save the world from anything that comes in our way, Sentry is the perfect contender for a Marvel free-for-all. With a ridiculous amount of powers, Sentry could just use one of them and win over a competitor.


I mean, we couldn’t not have this guy on the list, could we? As the God of Thunder, Thor is one of the biggest deals in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – even without his hammer (yep, he’s got that cool eye thing now!). As the King of Asgard, Thor has the ability to take on superhuman and god-like strength, as well as the ability to summon thunder and lightning energy and inflict it upon his enemies. If that’s not going to take down his enemies and other opponents, we don’t know what will. After all, he’s done it so many times before.

The Hulk

Okay, he’s a giant green guy with muscles, how would he not win in a Marvel contest? While Bruce Banner may be strong in the mind, The Hulk is definitely physically strong, so you’d just have to make sure that someone made him really, really angry throughout the contest! As one of the greatest warriors of all time, The Hulk has defeated numerous opponents (including those that Jeff Goldblum sent his way) and we have a feeling he wouldn’t have a problem fighting his fellow superheroes.

Who would win in a fight between Marvel’s superheroes?

If you’re a huge Marvel fan, you’ll know that all of the superheroes are strong in their own way, but these supers would definitely come out on top…