Movies that have the best soundtracks

Movies are fabulous, aren’t they? Sometimes they even have songs that can make us think back to the scenes of the film as they unfold. How do they do it? It needs to be catchy, memorable, and tell a story. Actually, this is starting to sound a lot harder than we ever imagined. We think we’ll leave it to the professionals as we take a look at these movies that have the best soundtracks.

The Jungle Book

We bet you forgot about this one, didn’t you? The Jungle Book still has one of the best movie soundtracks even though the film was released back in 1967. The Sherman Brothers, who were in charge of the tunes, had previously hit stardom after their work on The Sound of Music. However, it was creating bops sung by bears, and music made by monkeys that won over the hearts of the nation. Even now it can be hard to resist singing along with the likes of The Bare Necessities.

Movies that have the best soundtracks

Saturday Night Fever

Most of us have seen disco dancing over the years, no matter how old we are. So what made it so popular? This film. John Travolta took center stage and twirled, point moved, and boogied his way across the screen to the tracks in the movie. Some of the biggest stars came together to make the music what it is, such as The Bee Gees, The Trammps, and Yvonne Elliman. It’s hard not to let your hips do the talking once this soundtrack starts up.

The Greatest Showman

It’s not just the older films that can wow the ears of audiences everywhere. This 2017 release’s soundtrack shot to the top of the chart not only in America but also across the pond in the UK. In fact, it stayed at the top of the album charts for 11 weeks until it was finally knocked off. However, that didn’t stop the leading track from the film, This Is Me, taking home a Golden Globe Award for the Best Original Song at the beginning of the year.

Movies that have the best soundtracks


Do we really need to go into why Jaws has one of the best movie soundtracks of all time? We thought not. The orchestra comes together perfectly to make us feel on the edge of our seats and be on the lookout for any circling sharks even though we are safely at home on the couch. According to the composer of it all, John Williams, he wanted to create something that was unstoppable and threatening. We think it’s safe to say he pulled it off.

Lilo and Stitch

Okay, this might only count if you are a fan of Elvis, but it’s the King of Rock – he has to make it onto the list! Not only is it the first feature-length animated movie to be set in Hawaii, but it also uses more of the King’s songs than his biographical film – isn’t that mad? As well as all the Elvis, this movie also has two original singles, He Mele No Lilo, and Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, which featured a local school’s children’s chorus for the vocals.

We might not think it, but many films would be nothing without their incredible soundtracks; the bops that have us tapping out feet, dancing, or hiding behind the couch in fear. Where would we be without all these great movie soundtracks?