Just what species is Star Wars’ Yoda?

The Star Wars universe is packed full of alien races and species all doing their best to get through the hard times of tyrannical powers trying to control entire galaxies. Fans of the series will recognize many of the species from the fictional universe, species such as; Ewok, Hutt, Wookie, and Sith. Many fans can think of examples when these species have been on screen, but there is one character whose species remains a mystery, that is Yoda. Do you know it? We’re going to try and solve the mystery.

His backstory

Little is know of Yoda’s origins, all that really is known is that he was born on a remote planet. When he was much younger he and a friend were traveling through space but their ship malfunctioned, and they were forced to crash land on a swampy planet. That is where Yoda’s Jedi master, Gormo, first encountered him and felt the latent force lying within him. Before Yoda left that planet, he had trained and become a Jedi master.

Just what species is Star Wars’ Yoda?


Although his species is not known, there are some species that share similar characteristics to Yoda’s. There is Even Piell, a Jedi Council member we first meet in The Phantom Menace. Even Piell’s race is known as Lannik, and they share the similar big pointy ears that Yoda’s race have but they are not as short nor do they have green skin. It is likely there is some connection between the species due to their similarities, but they are not the same.

No one truly knows

Even on Star Wars’ biggest database, Yoda’s species is simply listed as “unknown.” With so little known about his origins, we can only speculate where it was that he and his people came from. We do discover that he is not just one of a kind though, later on in the film franchise we meet Yaddle. Yaddle is a female member of Yoda’s species and sits as a member of the Jedi Council in The Phantom Menace.

Just what species is Star Wars’ Yoda?

What we do know

We know that Yoda has green skin, and that Yaddle too has the same complexion, so at least the skin color is consistent. Yoda is a Jedi master and has been for at least 800 years, meaning that he learned the ways of the Jedi much younger, during his first century of life. Yoda declares he is 900 years old when he is training Luke Skywalker, so we know his species lives for a very long time. Yoda is presumed dead after exiling himself during Return of the Jedi. Although he is believed to be dead his body is never found, meaning there is hope that he is still out there somewhere.

Related to Maz Kanata?

During The Force Awakens, we are introduced to a new character who also is a small colorful alien. Maz Kanata, is a smuggler and pirate who is over 1,000 years old, making her the oldest known Star Wars character in the fictional universe. Her species is also unknown, but she exhibits a sensitivity to the Force, meaning she could share some genetic similarities to Yoda, especially being able to live for so long.

There is no definitive answer about Yoda’s species, his species is often listed by fans as either “unknown,” or “Yoda’s species.” We know he was not the only one of his species so perhaps in the future movies we will get characters finding and visiting his home planet, uncovering the decades-long mystery of who he really is. For now, the species of Star Wars’ favorite Jedi master will remain a mystery.