Why Disney movies are really for grownups too

When we were younger, it was totally acceptable to be obsessed with Disney. We would watch a different Disney movie every single day, we would dress up as Pocahontas on a windy day and marvel at all of the colors of the wind, and we would spend every waking hour singing along to The Lion King and Aladdin. It was just a way of life. However, as we’ve got older, we’ve realized that people seem to frown on adults who dress up as Rapunzel – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we say no to Disney age discrimination! This is why Disney movies are really for grownups too…

There’s always adult humor

Have you ever watched a Disney movie as an adult and found them even funnier than when you were a kid? Well, that’s because Disney movies are full of adult humor! When we were younger, we were entranced by the bright colors, the cool animation, and the catchy songs that would be stuck in our heads for days. However, it’s not until we’ve grown up and taken into account the story and the dialogue that we’ve realized these movies are hilarious. In fact, these movies are full of innuendos that simply go over the heads of children.

Why Disney movies are really for grownups too

They offer grown-up themes

When we were younger, we thought Disney movies were the happiest movies in the world – and we weren’t wrong. They ARE happy, but it’s not until we’ve become adults that we’ve realized that they also offer grown-up themes. Yep, when you think about some of the Disney movies, you’ll realize that many of them feature upsetting themes around death, psychology, and mental health. Don’t believe us? Well, nowadays the death in the first fifteen minutes of Up upsets us more than it did when we were kids, and we’ve also come to realize that Beauty and the Beast follows the concept of Stockholm Syndrome, and Ariel in The Little Mermaid is basically a hoarder. Just think about it.

We can appreciate the songs

When we watched Disney movies when we were younger, we loved to listen to the soundtracks and the epic musical songs because they added a little somethin’ somethin’ extra to the movie. However, as we’ve got older, we’ve started to realize that these songs actually have meaning to us. In fact, many of us still listen to these songs today because they provide us with happy memories, flashbacks to the past, and a feeling of nostalgia. They may be the songs you put on while you’re cleaning, or one of them may even be the song of your first dance. These songs will always mean more to adults than they will children.

Why Disney movies are really for grownups too

They allow us to escape

Although we may no longer be young and cute, we still wish we could escape to a time where all we cared about was the prince rescuing the princess from the tower, and happiness being restored in our lives. Because we now live in a heap they call adulthood; we’re supposed ‘not allowed’ this escape any longer. Well, who said? There are many ways that people escape from their own lives; they may party the night away or jump out of planes. We’re pretty sure watching Mulan on Wednesday night is much more beneficial than all of those adult escapes…

If you’re currently wondering whether you can watch a Disney movie because you’re a grown-up, you need to get out of that mindset ASAP – because you can never be too old for a Disney movie! Yep, grab your hairbrush and grab your Pocahontas necklace, because Grandmother Willow is waiting for you to tell her all about the white sails on the horizon…