The best comics that earned their start on Kickstarter

Many art projects in the world have Kickstarter to thank for being the success they are today. Without the donations sent in by people who believe in the creative projects being pitched, we might never have seen the release of the Pebble Watch or the Oculus Rift VR headset. Kickstarter has been responsible for getting many comics off the ground, or back into circulation, and here are some they are helping to fund at the moment.

Group Chat

Being able to call on some friends to help you through a tight spot or just to have your back is something that many of us don’t often appreciate as much as we probably should. This Kickstarter comic is an anthology of up-and-coming writers and illustrators depicting a story of friendship over a 200-page book.

There are 24 stories which cover a range of genres including fantasies, sci-fi adventures, westerns, life stories and others. $25 will get you a physical copy and a $10 backing will see a digital copy make its way to you.

The best comics that earned their start on Kickstarter

Adorned by Chi: The Graphic Novel

Adorned by Chi are known by many for their t-shirt and clothing inspired by their magical girl, and other characters. These characters are now getting their own graphic novel set in Nigeria. The story is inspired by the Igbo people of the country. The creators are offering more than just a graphic novel and anyone donating can get both a PDF and softcover. The more you donate, the more you can get, with stuff like stickers, pins, and signatures available.

For Molly

There aren’t enough talking dogs in the world, but thankfully For Molly brings one to the table. The story is a modern fantasy following the adventures of Molly, a talking dog, and Greg, a divorcee, who are trying to rescue Greg’s sister from a mysterious man. The digital copy of the comic is available for just $5, but, as with many Kickstarter projects, the more you pledge, the more you can get. More investments will lead to obtaining items such as postcards, posters, pins and much more.


This is the tale of Baby, a giant monster who, like many giants monsters, destroys cities. Unlike other monsters, Baby is actually an adorable monster who readers will find so cute they will be backing it to destroy as many cities as it can. The comic suitable for all ages is set in Atlantic City and there is a preview available for readers who are unsure if the will side with a giant destructive monster or not.

The electronic version of this comic will set you back $10 and if you want a physical copy, then you’ll have to back the artist with $29.

The best comics that earned their start on Kickstarter

Darkboy & Adler #1

Darkboy & Adler is set in a high school following the tale of LGBT student, Adler, who has fallen head over heels in love with his bully, who also happens to be a jock. Adler comes across a voodoo handbook and soon sets his sights on getting his heart’s wish, but as is the case with love, things aren’t so simple. There are plenty of unforeseen circumstances that Adler has to find his way out of.

The book is produced in the UK, but the artists will ship anywhere in the world. Approximately $4.30 will get you the PDF version and $10 is all it will take for the physical copy.

Art doesn’t always get the financial backing it often deserves, so projects like Kickstarter have become necessary to allow artist’s creativity to get further than their studios. These projects are the latest helping of comics Kickstarter has chosen to back and they are accepting financial backing at the moment, so if you are interested then check them out.