Apps that will help you keep up with your TV shows

What are you watching on TV right now? Are you binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale? Are you taking a trip to the Upside Down to watch Stranger Things? Are you getting your royal on while watching The Crown? With so many TV shows on the market, it can often be difficult to keep track of what you’re watching and what episode you’re on. After all, it’s impossible to watch two shows at once – and that’s normally how they appear on your TV guide! As much as you try to keep up with where you’re at, you soon find yourself missing episodes, or just giving up with the whole series. Well, we say no more! Check out these apps that will help you keep up with your TV shows.

TV Time

If you’re looking for an app that is easy to use, then look no further. TV Time focuses only on television shows – which means they’ve got its undivided attention. Most importantly, this app allows you to obtain all of the information you could possibly need about your TV series of choice and keeps you up to date with new release dates, reviews, as well as the reactions of other users on the service. With over 1 million users across the world, TV Time is perhaps the most popular TV tracking app on the market and can be used for both Apple and Android users.

Apps that will help you keep up with your TV shows

Next Episode

Next Episode is another app that will make your streaming ability even easier. With a personalized folder dedicated to your likes, you can save shows that you want to watch in the future, and you can keep track of the current episode you’re on. The app itself will place all of these items into your very own calendar, which means you can see what’s next on your ‘to watch’ list. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Next Episode also gives you TV requests, based on your watching history.

TeeVee 3

In the past few months, TeeVee 3 has been given a complete overhaul and is now a state-of-the-art app that offers you anything you could possibly want out of a TV tracking app. It allows you to sync to your television; it allows you to track on your iPad and sync with the iCloud, it updates you on your personal statistics and the shows that you have coming up, as well as giving you reminders about when your favorite shows are on. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, this app has also satisfied over 75,000 users since its creation.


SeriesGuide is very similar to the other apps on this list, but they also offer something that many other apps do not. With the ability to sync with your social media accounts, you can use this app to post to your Facebook or Twitter and share the shows that you are watching, or what you thought about a particular episode. This smart technology will also update you if you have missed any episodes, and let you know when a brand new episode drops. What more could you want?

Apps that will help you keep up with your TV shows

Series Addict

Series Addict is one of the simplest apps on the market and does the job perfectly. It allows you to mark episodes that you have watched, look at the episode schedule of your favorite show, share your watching trends with others on the platform, add cool widgets to your home screen, and get awesome notifications when you have a brand new episode to watch.

Trying to keep up with your TV shows is just about as difficult as keeping up with the whereabouts of the Kardashians, so you often need a little help to maintain your watching experience. Luckily, there are numerous apps on the market to ensure that you can keep up to date!