Why Manga is cooler than Marvel

Like many battles fueled by fandoms, there’s no end to the one where Manga is pitted against other comics, especially Marvel. Also to be noted that there are those who don’t think there’s much difference. There is, and a lot. At the same time, there are many similarities. American Marvel on one part is popular for its superhero stories. Spiderman, iron man, the hulk, wolverine, Black Panther and many others. Manga on the other part has a long history, emerging from Japan. They are graphic novels created in the country, with roots in earlier Japanese art. Manga is popularly known for its fixation on action and adventure. It however includes a myriad of other genres, such as fantasy, romance, detective and comedy. 

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Manga has a lot of distinctive and exciting history that makes it a lot cooler than Marvel. Here are reasons why.

  • Manga does not really have any cultural or social limitations about who can and who shouldn’t read them. In fact, people of all ages in Japan read manga. So much that it’s estimated that each Japanese actually spends around the tune of $30 for manga every other year. Another mind blowing fact is that this country uses more paper printing manga than they do making toilet paper. If that does not testify to the its cultural popularity, nothing else can. 

This is in difference to marvel comics which are mostly seen as meant for younger people and kids

  • The topics addressed in Manga are more diverse than what you’ll likely find in Marvel comics. Manga stories usually revolve around young characters. They go on adventures, along the way making friends and discovering themselves and the world. It’s this characteristic that endears them to people from all age groups. It touches on essential, everyday themes and always gives readers a boost of confidence. This means that with manga, there’s something for everyone
  • In Japan, they have Manga Cafés where readers can enjoy their favorite stories with a cup of coffee. If that doesn’t make the entire thing so much cooler and fun, nothing will. It seems like an exciting idea to just pop into a café, grab a cup, choose a manga from the hundreds available and take a break from everything else around
  • Manga has always been originally produced in black and white print. This still happens  in Japan, where you can find most of these. There’s, however, also availability of colorful or full color manga comics
  • You can get manga comics in the form of paperback books. One is usually published if its magazine series has been extremely popular and a big success. According to its level of success, it can also be turned into an animated series, popularly known as Anime
  • Heroes in manga tend to gain more and new powers over time. Marvel superheroes on the other hand rarely diversify their powers
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With a history beginning from the late 19th century, the global popularization of Manga is indication that this art form is going to be around for a long time.