Comics that were canceled before ever being published

It’s interesting to know what kinds of comic get to see the light of day and which ones are swept under the carpet and never picked up again. Comic book fans around the world look forward to their next adventure, discovering what their favorite characters are up to, or even just the idea of discovering something new. However, some projects were abandoned even after a story was devised, but it seems as if some things got in the way before being published.


An untitled Doctor Strange project

This is a severe loss to Marvel fans everywhere, this project was marketed way too prematurely and never got a chance to be developed. For unknown reasons, Marvel decided they didn’t want this story to go ahead despite fans excitement. Where the Marvel universe is concerned, they have to be careful what they write into it as it becomes part of the broader story. Writers Harlan Ellison and John Romita Jr. put their heads together and conceived of a plot which consisted of Doctor Strange performing surgery on his most hated enemy, Dormammu, for the greater good.

Morning Dragons project

You know how sometimes fans really want to see something go head to head? Like Alien vs. Predator or Godzilla and Kong? Now imagine two nations from the same era coming head to head. We’re talking the Vikings against 12th Century Japan here if that’s not something people want to see, we’re not sure what it. Okay, while it sounds a little bit obscure, it did have some incredible minds attached to the projects such as Warren Ellis and Steve Lieber who would have given the project the proper research and precision it deserved.

JLA/Avengers project 1982

While there is already a comic with this namesake, there was another cross-company project that was in the making. The plotline was never really smoothed out, and many of the people on the project struggled with creative differences. Crossing over the Avengers with the Justice League seems incredible, but not if it’s going to be at the expense of canon storylines. They attempted to make the storyline work while they had the artwork drawn, but it never came together.


All-Star Wonder Woman project

What’s better than a Wonder Woman project? The answer to that is absolutely nothing. However, it seems as if this one didn’t fly. The idea behind this project was to get writer and artist Adam Hughes on the scene in order to retell Wonder Woman’s origins story. However, it doesn’t seem as Hughes never really found the time to get round to this project and is even still claiming he’ll get on to it. However, From all-star Batman to all-star Superman, these projects are now a thing of the past.

‘Jesus’ unpublished

This was a project that was thought up from the mind of Frank Miller, who had his hand in the Daredevil pot had a real interesting relationship with religion. It was nothing but positive, but it also meant he as intrigued in recreating the story of Jesus in some comic-book style way. Many people are glad this project never took off since it just seems like a tasteless reimagination. Of course, we don’t know how it would have panned out, but we’re not sure people would have been impressed.

There are a whole variety of reasons why some comics never see the light of day, sometimes it’s a real loss, and other times it really is for the better.