5 Reasons to start reading Comic Books

Hands up if you love losing yourself to a good book? It could be time to up your reading game with a new genre: comic books. That’s right; here are five reasons to start reading comic books after all this time.

Fall in love with reading

Reading is something that many of us enjoy, yet we might not find the time. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to like reading but have never seen anything that caught your eye? Now could be your chance. Comic books can be a brilliant way to fall in love with reading as we get to see the world come to life before our very eyes. Plus, it can be easier to pick up a comic and read a few pages at a time. However, that might all change when you find yourself hooked to your new story.

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Help your brain

Reading can be a great way to expand our mind as well as destress after a long day or take our thoughts away from everything else going on in our lives. Many studies have shown that reading stories can be the perfect way to improve brain function. That’s not all. These effects can last for many days after we finish the story. As if that wasn’t enough, stories can help to alter the ways we think. What could be a better way to help our brains out than by diving into a comic book?

There are so many varieties

Many of us think of comic books only to imagine a host of superheroes and villains all waiting to change the world. However, that isn’t always the case. In fact, many hits, such as The Sandman, The Walking Dead, and Scott Pilgrim, all started as comic books before they were adapted for our screens. Graphic novels can explore a whole host of storylines. Yes, it really looks as though there could be a comic book out there for everyone after all.

Think outside the box

Research has shown that people who read comic books must use many parts of their minds at once as they take in everything on the page. From the visuals to the spacing and the text, it seems our brains are bust slotting it all together to make sense of the story. This means that our minds usually have to work harder to process everything in a comic book compared to when we read a typical story. In turn, this can help us to view things in the real world in a new light.

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Learn backstories and subplots

Of course, Marvel and DC have grown to take over Hollywood in the last few years. Many of us have seen the movies, but what about the characters in the comic books? These can often be filled with huge subplots, storylines, and crossovers that we might never get to see on the big screen. Reading the comic books not only gives us the background of all of our favorite characters, but it can also help us view the films in a new light with all of our brand new knowledge.

There are so many reasons to start reading comic books. It’s not just looking at pictures. No, comic books can help us and our minds in ways that we never imagined all while getting to try out a whole new genre of reading. Whoever would have thought?