Things that make no sense about The Big Bang Theory

In 2019, The Big Bang Theory will come to an end after 12 seasons. Few TV shows have managed the same level of success as this sitcom, and millions will miss it once it goes off the air. However, although the series is beloved, it’s far from perfect. There have been numerous instances where The Big Bang Theory made no sense at all, and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t forget about those moments.

How much is it?

Living with Sheldon isn’t easy. All those rules and regulations are a nightmare to deal with, and Leonard threatened to move out on multiple occasions. However, he never went through with it because neither could afford to live alone. Apparently, their rent was so high that two physicists struggled to pay it.

With that in mind, how on Earth did Penny live by herself for so long? She was a struggling actress working as a waitress, yet she was able to remain across the hall from the guys for all those years.

Sheldon’s inconsistencies

Speaking of money, the show can’t seem to decide how much of it Sheldon actually has. He claims that he can’t afford the rent by himself, yet in other episodes, he flashes the cash like nobody’s business. In one circumstance, it’s revealed that the scientist doesn’t even use all his paychecks because he doesn’t need them. With that much disposable income, surely the rent isn’t actually an issue.

This isn’t the first time there have been inconsistencies with the character. Early in the show, Leonard remarks that Sheldon has feline allergies, yet this magically disappears a few seasons later. When the scientist breaks up with Amy, he adopts a bunch of cats without any sign of health complications.

Too much time on their hands

For a group of supposedly introverted nerds, the main characters in The Big Bang Theory have surprisingly busy lives. When they’re not working at their full-time jobs, they’re playing computer games, working on side projects, and keeping up to date on the latest movies, shows, and comics. Doing all those things on a daily basis requires more time than there is in a day, so how do the group manage to do it all?

The perpetually broken elevator

Through the seasons, the broken elevator has been a running gag of The Big Bang Theory. It forces the characters to always use the stairs, often to their annoyance. However, there’s a lot about the elevator that doesn’t make sense.

For one, the show can’t seem to decide why it’s broken. It continues to make different suggestions as to how it broke down, never seeming to be happy with the answer. No matter what caused it, though, there’s no way it would still be in that condition by now. The elevator not working for over a decade would drive a lot of people to move out, and that’s definitely not good for business.

The Big Bang Theory’s mistakes are no worse than any other show out there. Changes and inconsistencies happen all the time on TV, though that doesn’t mean they’re excusable.