What makes Leonard from The Big Bang Theory a less favorable character?

Ah, The Big Bang Theory. A sitcom that first hit our screens back in 2007, and is still there giving us all the laughs we need. That is until one character comes onto the show. Leonard. Hofstadter. He might be one of the leading men on the program, but we know why Leonard from The Big Bang Theory is the actual worst, and we’re here to prove it.

He rolls over to everything

Of course, many sitcoms have two best friends that are closer than all the others. It’s the nature of the beast. However, Leonard and Sheldon have a relationship like none other on TV. Sheldon is always getting what he wants while Leonard will be sure to move out of the way and pander to every one of his friend’s needs. Perhaps Leonard needs to remember they are both grown men?

He is whiny

Yup, we said it. Leonard loves to whine about everything that’s going wrong in his life, and won’t rest until everyone is on the same page. If it’s not moaning about his childhood, it’s finding a way to get annoyed at Penny or Sheldon for another one of their antics. Plus, Leonard never seems to be able to drop something if it doesn’t go his way. Not good traits to have in one of your friends.

He dated his friend’s sister

There is an unwritten bro code that states no one can date their friend’s sister, especially not before speaking to their friend first. So when Raj tells his friends that his sister, Priya, is in town, he asks the guys to leave her alone and that no one is allowed to date her. Sounds fair enough, right? That is until Leonard goes behind his friend’s back – and breaks his code with Howard – as the pair start a secret relationship. What happened to bros before chicks?

He’s boring

Ouch. There, it’s been said. And no, it wasn’t as easy as we made it seem. Leonard is one of the stars of the show, but we hate to admit that his personality makes him the most boring of the lot. He coasts through work, has a wife, and has a group of friends. There are no dramas to be seen for miles. With so much character development happening amongst the rest of the cast, it seems as though Leonard is still stuck in his pilot episode form.

He insults Sheldon

Let’s face it; Leonard had plenty of warning about Sheldon before he moved into the apartment, but he still chose to sign the roommate agreement and follow the rules. So why does he use Sheldon’s quirky behavior as a way to put him down all the time? It might seem like harmless fun, but could this be Leonard’s way of trying to gain control over his friend?

He’s always jealous

Most of us have been there when someone comes along and talks to our partner, and we can’t help but get a twang of jealousy. It’s natural. Only, Leonard’s constant jealousy throughout the entire series can often be too much to handle. He has managed to drive Penny away on more than one occasion thanks to his paranoid ways and seems unable to let her be herself.

We love The Big Bang Theory and all the characters on the show, but if we have to put them in order of favorite, we think we have enough reasons to prove why Leonard is the actual worst. Sure, he might look like a best friend on the outside, but looks can be deceiving.