If you want to start watching anime shows, start with these

Anime has grown a massive fan base over the years and it’s not difficult to see why. There are hundreds of anime shows out there, and while a lot of it is really good, not all anime is created equal. It can be a daunting task to jump right into this style of animation. Without any guidance, you could be left horrified, overwhelmed, or underwhelmed and wanting to give up before finding something that fits. If you want to start watching anime shows, start with these.

Dragon Ball Z

This one took the world by storm when it aired on Cartoon Network at the turn of the Millenium. Bright colors, great characters, and loads of martial arts, what’s not to love? It’s safe for children over the age of seven but is by no means just another kid’s program. Follow Goku (an alien sent to earth to destroy it but turned to protect it instead) and his friends as they protect the world from some of the greatest animated villains ever. DBZ has an impressive adult following and is a great option for breaking into the anime genre.

If you want to start watching anime shows, start with these

Naruto Shippuden

Highly influenced by Dragon Ball Z, Naruto engages in the life of its titled hero. A ninja making his way through life in a world of warfare. His aim is to become a leader to unite the people. Fantastic fight scenes are supported by a greater plot of politics, conspiracy, and friendship. The show is rated from 11 years and up purely because of its violence level. A great show with a great storyline to get you hooked.

One Piece

740 episodes and counting, this is a series that will take some commitment to get through. But once the watching begins, it will be hard to tear away from the screen. As far as visual appeal goes, this one can’t be beaten. There are many characters. All of whom are so dynamic, colorful, and different that they will always be remembered. The writers and creators have done such a great job at creating a main set of characters that can blend together so well. The pirate-themed plot is hilariously dark and entertaining. A great show to get started on with an age rating of 12+.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

All that ninja stuff not doing it for you? How about a bit of magic? Well, it’s a magic-like practice call ‘alchemy.’ This great show follows two brothers who uncover a worldwide and ancient conspiracy during a war between neighboring countries and a militaristic rule. The show consists of 64 intense episodes that have its viewers gripping their seats, crying, and laughing throughout. Spectacular alchemy-based battles and the thought-provoking storyline are what got this show onto this list.

If you want to start watching anime shows, start with these

Attack On Titan

Relatively new to the anime scene, Attack on Titan has only one season to its name but has already made a great name for itself across a wide demographic. A post-apocalyptic world where humans are being oppressed by Titans (we can see where this is going.) People can only be pushed so far until a revolution is born, and that’s exactly what this show is about. The storyline, characters, and animation are fresh and brilliant with a superb soundtrack.

From magic to ninjas and revolutions, anime is a wildly creative escape from mainstream media that keeps us captivated and longing for more.