Why you should watch Cobra Kai

If you were a Karate Kid fan back in the 1980s, then we have the best news for you. YouTube Red has recently launched the new series Cobra Kai, which is everything you ever needed in a reboot. While online ratings aren’t always everything, Cobra Kai has a whopping 100% Rotten Tomatoes score with a backup rating of 95% audience score. While we like to let the numbers speak for themselves, here’s exactly why you should watch Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai

There are loads of references

If you’re already a fan of the Karate Kid franchise, then this is going to be a wild ride. This series is jam-packed with some tastefully written nods to the original masterpiece. Karate Kid was iconic and an inspiration to so many who had relatable experiences. Cobra Kai builds upon the original story, which is a testament to the writers who had to do the original story justice. This is no easy feat, but, judging by the recent reviews, it not only paid off but excelled.

Original cast

They used the original cast to continue the story. It’s very rare that this can be pulled off, either because the actor or actress has moved on, they’re too busy, or they’re just not interested in it anymore. This has been such a win for the show as it adds authenticity, there’s no wondering how a different actor would compare as we have the real deal right in front of us. Of course, people probably wouldn’t have accepted anyone else but Ralph Macchio playing Daniel LaRusso or even William Zabka playing Johnny Lawrence.

Continuing classic concepts

There are some concepts you just can’t beat, and the ‘underdog’ taking the lead is one of them. In Cobra Kai, it shows how the actions of Daniel made a difference to Johnny and has affected him later in life. This series has a ‘pay-it-forward’ theme, where Johnny helps a boy, who is much like Daniel, overcome his own powerlessness against some bullies. It’s easy for fans to relate and care for the protagonist as they do not have to get used to a totally new concept and characters. This by no means guaranteed the success of the series, that relied on great storytelling, and they seem to have done a pretty excellent job.

Cobra Kai


As with anything, there are always skeptics, but the reception of the series has caused quite a stir and has generally been positively received. Of course, some have suggested that it’s a way for YouTube to join the market of series streaming services, following the success of Netflix among others. Of course, for people who haven’t seen the Karate Kid, it’s probably not going to be as easy to appreciate, as many of the references will go over their head. However, many might say that anyone who hasn’t seen the Karate Kid ought to do as soon as possible because they’re definitely missing out and it will enhance the Cobra Kai experience.

It’s not often that a television series performs as well within its debut as Cobra Kai has, and while it has nostalgia as a kind of ‘leg-up,’ it has maintained its popularity with ease. Whether you’re a Karate Kid fan or not, this show will entertain, enlighten and inspire you.