Which universe is better, Marvel or DC?

One of the trickiest questions you can ask a superhero geek is to pick between Marvel and DC. Marvel and DC Comics are the two giant universes dominating the comic book world. Each one has its unique styles of superheroes, storylines, and villains.

For this reason, comparing Marvel to DC is the same as comparing a red apple to a green one. We know people who adore red apples, while some are more inclined to green apples. So, when it comes to choosing between Marvel and DC, it all boils down to your own unique preference of fiction style.

The approach

Both Marvel and DC’s style of approach has its advantages and drawbacks. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is dominated by the Avengers — a team of superheroes such as the Hulk and Captain America — filled with stories traversing from the small screen to the big screen. This makes it extremely fun to get involved.

Which universe is better, Marvel or DC?

However, quite a lot of stories will need you to dedicate hours and hours to watch, which can get a little bit overwhelming. For instance, you’re bound to miss inside jokes or references to past events if you miss even a single episode.

Unlike Marvel, DC’s film universe doesn’t need you to watch years of movies to understand the story. For example, DC has recently introduced a range of characters starring in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, for the future DC films, characters will be selected from that same storehouse of heroes and focus will be put on each one of them. While this approach makes it easy for you to follow the movie, there’s also a catch.

DC’s TV programs such as “Arrow” and “Gotham” are not expressly connected to the movies. Since different actors will be given the same role to play on the big screen and TV, it can get frustrating.

Opposing themes

Marvel and DC show distinct story lines in their publishing, which you can love or hate depending on what you want. On one hand, the DC Universe is known for telling fascinating stories of gods who accomplished incredible feats to safeguard both humanity and the greater good. In the beginning, the standard superhero was Superman.

Which universe is better, Marvel or DC?

He was surrounded by several other characters who also elicited innate god-like abilities, including the likes of The Flash, Aqua-man, Wonder Woman, and more. Batman was initially a human character, but he pushed himself beyond the limits and acquired extraordinary abilities to keep up with his super-powered peers.

On the other hand, Marvel’s storylines are a bit more inclined to the human approach. Stories tell of average characters like Peter Parker (Spider-man) that suddenly were granted superhuman capabilities. Other characters overcame major flaws and proved they could reach their potential and perform great things.

Marvel or DC?

Generally, Marvel films take on a lighter note and their heroes are ultimately shining rays of hope to humanity. Even wild hero types like Star-Lord and Iron Man end up joking around in the midst of the action.

Both universes are exciting to watch, but it really boils down to what you’re looking for. Marvel’s Avengers universe is suitable for those of us who are a continuity junkie. But if you don’t have enough time to follow the story, DC’s universe is more contained and you’ll enjoy smaller TV shows without concerns of whether the big films will be affected.