How to create a virtual scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts have always been fun and we have been planning and playing them since we were kids. It makes sense that kids today might also want to experience the same fun and at the same time be intuitive and creative by playing and solving these scavenger hunts.

Modern day scavenger hunts are a little different from what they were when we were kids, due to the advancement of technology. Now, we can plan virtual scavenger hunts by using our smartphones. These virtual scavenger hunts are actually very easy to plan and execute, and the real challenge is to create something really unique that will be able to captivate children and to increase their imagination.

There are some steps that you have to follow in order to create a virtual scavenger hunt. You can choose an educational subject as the theme of the scavenger hunt, encouraging the children to learn while they play. and remember – it’s all about fun!

How to create a virtual scavenger hunt

Creating  good websites for children

First, select a few child-friendly websites and make sure that the external links and the ads shown do not contain any malicious content. Then, select a series of questions for the students to find answers to. Do not make it too hard on the children and make sure that the answers are contained within the selected websites. However, make sure to keep it interesting. Create questions using the websites as your guides and then explain the rules of the game to the students. You can assign pairs or make teams of students to work together on the scavenger hunt.

These scavenger hunts can be taken out of the classroom and into a park or the school campus. Scavenger hunts don’t have to be limited to the content of textbooks or a few websites – another way of organizing a fun and interactive scavenger hunt is by providing the students with a number of clues and hints about what they are supposed to search for.

How to create a virtual scavenger hunt

Great playability

They can click pictures of the objects that match the description and then those pictures can be assembled together to create a presentation. This activity can be done in groups as well. With smart phones and cameras available and easily accessible, these scavenger hunts are interactive and also test the creative abilities of the students and also build a sense of team spirit.

There are many applications that help in creating a scavenger hunt for mobile phones and you can choose to use their guidance to create an imaginative virtual scavenger hunt as well. This has proven to be an effective way of making the studies more interactive and more fun.

Moreover, today, most children from this generation and onward are stuck to their devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets. Scavenger hunts can bring them out of technology and into the real world. The real challenge is to make 21st-century children fall in love with the idea and to commit to it with %100 effort, but we’re sure that you’ll be able to create a great virtual scavenger hunt!